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Apprenticeship fair 2021

Helmer Net Career - Apprenticeship fair in Landsberg 2021

Reorganization of training occupations in the electrical trades

Whether it’s the energy transition, the topic of electromobility or the intelligent networking of buildings to make them not only more energy-efficient, but – in view of demographic developments – also more age-appropriate. These challenges can only be met with qualified service providers from the
electrical trades. Due to the dynamic development of these areas as well as increasing digitalization, the Central Association of German Electrical and Information Technology Trades (ZVEH) felt compelled at an early stage to take a close look at the existing training occupations and to examine the extent to which the training occupations in the electrical trade need to be restructured in order to be equipped with qualified junior staff in the future.

With the reorganization of the training occupations, which will come into force from 2021, the association is responding to developments in technology and on the market. In the future, the electronics technician will only be differentiated into the two specializations “energy and building technology” and “automation and systems technology”. Tried-and-tested structures will be retained, but topics from the areas of digitalization and the energy transition will be incorporated into the learning content.
With the “Electronics technician for building systems integration”, the ZVEH is creating a new training occupation that is intended to meet the high demands resulting from digitalization. The reason for the new training is the increasing importance of smart building, smart home, energy management and electromobility. The electronics technician for building systems integration is intended to be an important link to planners in the field of smart building technologies and to act as a qualified cross-trade contact on construction sites.
If you are interested in an apprenticeship in the electrical trade or if you have any questions, you are welcome to visit us at our stand at the Landsberg apprenticesphip fair from 30.09.-01.10.2021. Our competent employees will be happy to advise you and introduce you to the electrical trade.