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Helmer Net

Intelligent charging of e-vehicles

Do you want to charge several electric cars indoors or outdoors at the same time?

This is easily possible with the help of a load management system. It distributes the available power to all connected vehicles and thus prevents an overload of the power connection. If the required power is not available, the reduced current value is allocated equally.

Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you on a customised solution for your individual load management requirements. Helmer Net Electromobility – your specialist for innovative load management.

Helmer Net

Save costs and time

Setting up a charging infrastructure usually requires a lot of electrical power. A cost-intensive extension of the house connection can be the consequence. We offer you dynamic load management for optimal power distribution and avoidance of cost-intensive load peaks. Our load management makes it possible to smooth the load curve of the connected vehicles through time shifting, prioritisation or distribution and thus avoid cost-intensive load peaks.  Capacities are thus used in the best possible way, costs are sustainably reduced and resource consumption is optimised. The goal of the load management system is to reduce power peaks and thus smooth the course of power consumption.

Your advantages

load management

Even distribution of the charging power to all electric vehicles to be charged. 100% smar load management.

Innovative solutions

Benefit from our innovative solutions and many years of experience in the field of e-mobility.

Save costs and time

Avoid a cost-intensive one-time increase in connected load and prevent load peaks that lead to higher annual electricity prices.


Efficient and demand-oriented charging thanks to smart allocation of charging times and processes.

Best full service

We offer you top full service - from consultation, project management, installation to maintenance. Speak with us!

Many years of experience

More than 10 years of experience and in-depth know-how in the exciting new business field of e-mobility.

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