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Wherever a large number of people come together, the lives of the people must be optimally protected! Scientific tests have clearly proven that in the event of an evacuation in the event of danger, a voice alarm achieves significant (time) advantages compared to “normal” signaling. Since September 2007, DIN VDE 0833-4 applies to the automatic triggering of acoustic voice messages by a fire alarm control panel (FACP). In this case, one speaks of a voice alarm system (SAA) or the voice alarm system (SAS), which is connected to the FACP by its control panel (SAZ) via a defined interface. Thus, immediately after fire detection, automatically triggered voice instructions can initiate a targeted evacuation without delay. Further current instructions can be spoken “live” via the fire department console.

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General alarm signals, such as horns or sirens, generate attention, but they cannot be assigned to any information. With voice alarm systems, on the other hand, targeted and unambiguous information, such as behavioural instructions, is given to people. Therefore, these systems are suitable for announcements – also in several languages – to many people who are not familiar with the area, e.g. in public buildings, in airports or at railway stations. With voice alarm systems, people can be evacuated from the danger zone quickly and in an orderly manner.

Yes, maintenance of voice alarm systems must be carried out every six months, including maintenance and cleaning as well as adjustment work and replacement of defective parts. A maintenance contract should be concluded for this purpose, also in order to obtain the warranty period of 4 years recommended by VOB.

Evacuation systems are important components of hazard detection systems. Modern voice alarm systems (SAA) are used for the targeted evacuation of people in complex buildings.

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Furthermore, we point out some special features that have to be considered for an EN 54-16 system. First of all, we recommend talking to the expert who will approve the system before building the voice alarm system in order to clarify the general and object-specific requirements for the voice alarm system and to record them in writing.

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