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Leading in payment systems

Helmer Net

Innovative concepts

Our wallboxes are independent energy meters, which store the measurement data in certified
long-term storage devices.

Through the connection to a backend system, automatic remote transmission can take place.
and thus enables quick and easy control and further processing of the data with the help of the uniform
with the aid of the standardised transparency software. This is licensed by KEBA and is publicly accessible to everyone.

Invoicing can finally be carried out on the basis of this data. It does not matter whether the data
of employees or tenants are to be accounted for. Helmer Net – leading in payment systems.

Helmer Net

Intelligent solutions

The charging station payment system, also known as the backend, first controls the authorisation. Who is allowed to charge? Only internally, fleet control, tenants, private area (family), semi-public or public. If you only want a charging facility for yourself and your family, then a key switch is sufficient, and it is clear who pays. If you use the electric vehicle for business purposes, the backend can be helpful. 

We at Helmer are convinced that e-mobility will only be successful if the use of charging infrastructure and payment systems is simple and convenient and if they offer the possibility of networking with alternative energies.

Your advantages

Easy to use

intuitive operation, simple configuration, control or retrieval of status information.

Fully eligible

Intelligent wallboxes are fully eligible for KfW funding 440. We will be happy to advise you!

Many years of experience

More than 10 years of experience in the exciting new business field of e-mobility.

Innovative solutions

Our customers benefit from our innovative solutions in the field of e-mobility.

Made in Austria

We use the newly developed Germany Edition of the KeContact P30x- & c-series.

Quality and safety

Highest availability thanks to temperature derating, outdoor-capable and CE-compliant, UL/VDE-certified.

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