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With the help of a fire alarm system according to DIN 14675, the danger of fire can be detected and fought at an early stage. Fire alarm systems therefore play a central role in plant fire protection. For the commercial, industrial and public sectors, special guidelines and standards apply to fire protection and fire alarm systems in accordance with DIN 14657 and DIN VDE 0833. Talk to us – we will be happy to advise you on all legal requirements and create a fire protection concept tailored to your needs.

Helmer Net – your leading specialist for consulting, planning and implementation of modern fire detection technology according to DIN 14675.

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The right device for every building

Fire detectors are mandatory for public buildings, e.g. train stations, schools and hospitals. These are equipped with extensive systems. In residential buildings, on the other hand, smaller fire and radio smoke detectors are usually installed, which operate independently of each other and emit an acoustic warning signal.

In industrial halls and office buildings, several fire detectors are combined into individual groups and evaluated in a fire alarm control panel. In this way, each building is equipped with the fire protection measures required in the individual case.

Modern fire protection systems and innovative concepts

Talk to our fire protection experts – we will be happy to advise you.

Questions & Answers

Helmer Net Fire Protection

The complete range of services from consulting, project planning and installation to commissioning and maintenance. 

Fire alarm systems occupy a central position in plant fire protection. They cannot prevent a fire from starting or extinguish a fire themselves. Their task is to detect fires as early as possible.

Yes, of course we offer this service. According to DIN VDE 0833 Part 1 §5, inspections of fire alarm systems with connection to an alarm relaying centre must be carried out at least four times a year at approximately equal intervals. Maintenance must be carried out at least once a year.

Components of fire alarm systems

  • • Optical smoke detector
  • • Fire alarm control panel
  • • Fire control panel
  • • Manual call point
  • • fire detectors
  • • Acoustic and optical signaling devices

Remote Services

In our daily effort to support you with innovative services for more efficiency and profitability, we have developed the Helmer Net Remote Service.

  • • Access: Remote access for programming and maintenance
  • • Planning: Best possible planning of maintenance and upgrades
  • • Performance: High-performance, innovative services for customers
  • • Savings: Reduced costs and time

When concluding maintenance, servicing and inspection contracts, make sure that the scope of services for the individual areas is clearly defined and that the companies carrying out the work are certified. Your insurance cover is only fully valid if all maintenance and servicing tasks have been properly performed.

Hopefully you will never need the system in an emergency, but if so, it depends on how well you have looked after it all these years. The fire alarm system is the nervous system of technical fire protection – take good care of it!

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