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Together with TELENOT, HELMER NET offers the largest network for security with letter and seal. These stand for a network of certified specialist companies that ensure planning, installation, commissioning and service.
On request, we guarantee planning and project planning in compliance with the guidelines as attestation of your alarm and/or fire alarm system, so that you will not experience any surprises later.

Helmer Net – your specialist for consulting, planning and implementation of modern intrusion detection systems. 

Alarm systems 100% custom made

Our planning service creates a planning concept for the areas of intrusion detection technology and electronic access control systems in accordance with your specifications. 

We offer you:

– Design planning using professional CAD planning tools
– Parts list with planned security components
– Tender texts optionally in different formats
– cost estimate
– On request a string diagram/cabling plan

Intrusion detection technology at the highest level

Talk to our experts for burglar alarm systems – we will be happy to advise you.

Questions & Answers

Helmer Net Intrusion Detection Technology

The entire range of services from planning, project planning and assembly to commissioning and maintenance.

Burglar alarm systems (EMA) are technical, today exclusively electronically operated devices that serve to protect property and persons. An intruder alarm system is intended to prevent break-ins, thefts and robberies by deterring them, notify emergency services (police, security service, etc.) in case of an emergency, minimise the action time of thieves, bank robbers, etc.,
alert the immediate surroundings as well as persons involved who are present, help reconstruct a burglary or robbery.

Maintenance includes all preventive measures to maintain the target condition of a hazard detection system. It includes an inspection of the system.

The operator of the EMA must be an instructed person himself or must commission an instructed person. The operator or the instructed person commissioned by him must ensure on his own responsibility that inspections are carried out in the event of signs of impairment of the permanent operational readiness, irregularities of the function and in the event of influences on the monitoring tasks of the PSS caused by changes (e.g. room use or room design).

All necessary maintenance and modification measures on the SHE must be initiated immediately by the operator or by the instructed person commissioned by the operator.

EMAs must be regularly maintained by qualified electricians. In the event of malfunctions, EMAs must be inspected and repaired immediately by qualified electricians.

Inspections must be carried out at least four times a year at approximately equal intervals.

Inspections shall be carried out at least once a year for all non-destructively testable detectors and the primary lines with non-destructively testable detectors.

Repairs shall be carried out immediately if inadmissible deviations from the nominal condition of the GMA are detected during inspections.

Maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, but at least once a year.

This may include, e.g:

  • •  Maintenance of system components
  • •  Replacing components with a limited service life (e.g. light bulbs)
  • •  Adjustment, readjustment and calibration of components and devices

Components and structure

  • • Opening detectors for doors and windows, glass breakage sensors
  • • Motion detectors for monitoring the building, house and flat
  • • Central control unit for controlling all components of the burglar alarm system
  • • Alarm system to deter offenders and inform staff, residents and neighbours

When it comes to intruder alarm technology, it is particularly important that the devices and components used are reliable and of a very high quality. Helmer net is committed to being your strong and reliable partner in the field of security and hazard detection technology for intruder alarm systems (EMA).

Here, a comprehensive analysis is of great importance. Before planning your burglar alarm concept, a detailed consultation, a definition of the targets to be protected and a weak point analysis are essential. 

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