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We, Helmer GmbH, are a small and very dynamic company that is always open to the latest developments in order to find the optimal solution taking into account the latest standards & regulations and technical possibilities.

An intensive and trustful cooperation with our customers is of utmost importance to us. This relationship based on partnership has led our customers as well as ourselves to success.

Our quality policy must take special account of the fact that the individual services of our employees are not perceived by our customers in isolation, but as a whole.

Our committed and well-rehearsed team has integrated a process-oriented quality management system into the company, taking into account DIN ISO 9001, which has been co-designed by all employees and is constantly being improved.

Our principles

Healthy living

Avoidance of stress and anger and continuous improvement of the working environment are very important to us.

Sustainability & environmental protection

The environment is our most valuable asset; we respect and protect it by, among other things, largely avoiding waste, reusing packaging and using energy-saving and low-radiation equipment.

Enjoyment of work & satisfaction

This includes self-fulfillment in the workplace, responsible teamwork and the greatest possible satisfaction of employees and business partners.


This includes, among other things, securing work and income in the long term and constantly expanding our market position through marketing strategies.
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