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SHEV systems can save lives

A smoke and heat extraction system (SHEVS) is used to quickly and effectively remove smoke from buildings and thus provide preventive fire protection.

When smoke and heat develop in a building, intelligent smoke and heat exhaust solutions open windows and skylight domes. At the same time, they control supply air openings so that life-saving escape routes remain smoke-free.

The toxic smoke gases must leave the building as quickly as possible. Smoke extractors are installed for natural smoke extraction. These systems are activated automatically (by smoke detectors) or manually (by SHEV buttons). They open ventilation openings such as windows or skylight domes.

In this way, smoke gases and heat energy are drawn out of the building. Escape routes remain smoke-free and the fire department can intervene quickly and in a targeted manner.

The SHEVS is a dormant safety device. Even after many years, it must be fully functional without delay in the event of a fire. To ensure this functional reliability, continuous and professional maintenance is indispensable. If the SHEVS is not maintained or not maintained professionally, the permanent functional safety is not guaranteed.

Helmer Net offers regular service and qualified maintenance of automatic systems – including SHEVS, of course – by qualified service technicians.

Modern SHEV systems

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SHEV systems Services of Helmer GmbH


Our services:

  • • Professional advice on planning and new installation of SHEV systems
  • • Expert installation and maintenance in accordance with DIN 18232

  • • Carrying out the legally prescribed annual maintenance

  • • Proper and professional documentation in the system’s maintenance logbook

  • • Prices to look forward to

  • • Compliance with the respective maintenance period (maintenance contract)

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