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Charging stations for e-cars must allow card payments

Until now, you often needed special customer cards for refueling at the charging station. In future, the debit or credit card will be sufficient. From the automotive industry’s point of view, however, this is a serious step backwards.Berlin (dpa) – Drivers of electric cars will soon be able to pay more often by card when refueling at the charging station. …

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Ausbildungsmesse Helmer Net

Apprenticeship fair 2021

Helmer Net Career – Apprenticeship fair in Landsberg 2021 Reorganization of training occupations in the electrical trades Whether it’s the energy transition, the topic of electromobility or the intelligent networking of buildings to make them not only more energy-efficient, but – in view of demographic developments – also more age-appropriate. These challenges can only be met with qualified service providers …

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Keba charging stations

Our wallboxes: fully eligible We have received confirmation from KfW that our KeContact P30 x- & c-series models and the newly developed Deutschland Edition are eligible for subsidies. These bring the following advantages for you: Power 11 kW or 22 kW (throttling to 11 kW is required to receive KfW 440 funding) Available with type 1 or type 2 charging …

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safety engineering

Hold-open systems according to DIN 14677

Helmer Net – your expert for hold-open systems in southern Germany It is a fact that approx. 70 % of all hold-open systems on the market are not subject to regular inspection, maintenance and repair. This neglect can mean that both human life and property are not reliably protected. HELMER is available 24 / 7 h. DIN 14677 Maintenance of …

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safety engineering

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEVS)

Helmer Net – your specialist for SHEV systems in the Munich area Smoke and heat extraction systems remove smoke and heat from burning buildings. This keeps escape routes and access routes for the fire department smoke-free. What are the advantages of a natural smoke and heat extraction system? Emergency safety. When drawing up an emergency plan to take effect in the …

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building technology


Helmer Net – your expert for electrothermography Electrothermography. As an industrial and commercial enterprise, you depend on the reliability of your production facilities and machines. Of course we support you in this. As a service to prevent production downtimes and to avoid downtimes, we offer you the inspection of your electrical systems, electrical components (cables, busbars) as well as switchgear …

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