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Safety through technology

Industrial plants must be operated safely and reliably on a permanent basis. All manufacturers and distributors of technical products in the EU must ensure that their products meet the requirements of the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Machinery safety includes not only functional safety in the design and the shielding of hazards, but also the warning of hazards and instructions on how to avoid them. Find out more in a personal consultation. Helmer Net – we are your specialist for machine safety in Munich.

Maschinensicherheit Helmer Net

Our services in the field of machine safety

Our services

  • • Safety concept for all phases of life
  • • Risk assessment
  • • Functional safety: Design
  • • Functional safety: shielding from hazards
  • • Functional safety: Warning of hazards
  • • Efficient CE marking and risk assessment
  • • Assessment according to DIN EN 13849
  • • Planning and construction of the electrical control system
  • • Assembly and installation of the electrical components on the machine
  • • Commissioning of the machine with subsequent testing
  • • Recurring tests of the safety-related components
  • • Software development for standard and safety functions
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