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We offer innovative concepts for modern access solutions that are not only secure but also easy to operate.

If you equip your entrance door with an access control reader from TELENOT, you can confidently do without a house key. To gain access to buildings or rooms, you either simply enter a specific numerical code into the reader or hold the transponder chip in front of the reader. The alarm system can also be armed via the access control reader. 

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Modern access solutions - secure and simple

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Helmer Net access control

All services from a single source, from planning, project planning and assembly to commissioning and maintenance.

An access control system grants authorised persons access to buildings or areas. At the same time, it denies unauthorised persons access to certain areas.

“Who is authorised to access where and when? This principle applies to the security of persons, property or data. Access control clearly defines the authorisations for groups of people, which can be defined individually. This applies to both local and time restrictions.

When using access control, the following questions in particular must be clarified:

  • • Is access mechanical or digital?
  • • What exactly is to be protected?
  • • Is only one access point affected or several?
  • • How can access be monitored and controlled?
  • • How can access be managed dynamically and easily?

Yes, our maintenance contracts cover all preventive measures to maintain the target condition of an access control system.

Maintenance must be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions, but at least once a year.

This may include e.g:

  • • Maintenance of system components
  • • Replacing components with a limited service life (e.g. light bulbs)
  • • Adjusting, readjusting and calibrating components and devices

The digital lock:

All persons authorised to enter are known to it. All monitoring and control functions for the respective door are carried out here.

The identification medium:

The entrance ticket to the respective area. Transponder or SmartCard? The form of the medium can be chosen as desired!

The central system control:

This is where the access authorisations are centrally managed and the digital locking and the identification medium are transferred.

Reliability is a matter of trust. The service team is always there for you and supports you via hotline, on-site or remote.

Full investment security right from the start HelmerNet© places the highest priority on being able to expand digital access controls with new software and new components cost-effectively and without problems even after many years.

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