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Hold-open systems can be used to make fire doors in your building barrier-free. Like a door check, they hold doors open. In an emergency, they close fire doors automatically and safely. Fire doors equipped with a corresponding door closer are held open electrically. They remain open until they are closed either manually or (in the event of a fire) by the smoke switch being triggered. For preventive fire protection, GEZE offers complete hold-open systems from a single source.

Helmer Net – your specialist for consulting, planning and implementation of modern hold-open systems according to DIN 14677.

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Helmer Net

Certified quality

DIN 14677 Maintenance of electrically controlled hold-open systems for
fire and smoke protection closures.
This standard is intended to standardize the maintenance of hold-open systems and thus provide a basis for operators and maintenance personnel for the maintenance of hold-open systems for fire and/or smoke protection closures.
The implementation of maintenance measures in accordance with the specifications of this standard ensures that hold-open systems with documented acceptance testing maintain their operational readiness throughout their entire service life when used and operated as intended.

Efficient hold-open systems - planning, delivery, installation and maintenance

We offer you all services from a single source – talk to us. 

Our services:

  • • Professional advice on the planning and new installation of hold-open systems

  • • Expert installation and maintenance in accordance with DIN 18232

  • • Carrying out the legally prescribed annual maintenance

  • • Proper and professional documentation in the maintenance book of the system

  • • Prices to look forward to

  • • Compliance with the respective maintenance period (maintenance contract)

  • • Inspection of hold-open systems – every 3 months

  • • Maintenance of hold-open systems – annually

  • • Maintenance in accordance with DIN 14677 Basis of approval notice

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