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Hold-open systems according to DIN 14677

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It is a fact that approx. 70 % of all hold-open systems on the market are not subject to regular inspection, maintenance and repair. This neglect can mean that both human life and property are not reliably protected.

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DIN 14677 Maintenance of electrically controlled hold-open systems for
fire and smoke protection closures.
This standard is intended to standardize the maintenance of hold-open systems and thus provide a basis for operators and maintenance personnel for the maintenance of hold-open systems for fire and/or smoke protection closures.
The implementation of maintenance measures in accordance with the specifications of this standard ensures that hold-open systems with documented acceptance testing maintain their operational readiness throughout their entire service life when used and operated as intended.

Automatic point-type fire detectors without contamination compensation or without an automatic
calibration device can remain in use for up to 5 years if the functional capability of the detector has been
Is verified (testing of the fire detector using the test procedure specified by the manufacturer).
This detector must be replaced or undergo factory testing and repair after 5 years of use.
be subjected to factory testing and repair.