Photovoltaik Speicherförderung

Photovoltaic storage promotion

The new subsidy program was launched in the Free State of Bavaria on August 1. It provides a grant of 3200 euros for a newly installed storage capacity of 30 kilowatt hours. The prerequisite for the full subsidy is that a photovoltaic system with a rated output in a ratio of at least one to one is installed. In the future, the Free State also wants to subsidies in the future. From the beginning of August, owners of single-family and two-family homes can apply online for the Apply for subsidies

The guidelines provide funding for new battery storage systems as an “initial or supplementary installation” in combination with a new photovoltaic system. A retrofit of existing photovoltaic systems with home storage is not planned in the subsidy. Under supplementary installation, the ministry in Munich understands an expansion of existing Photovoltaic systems and storage units, which are then eligible for subsidies.
How large the annual volume for the subsidy is initially remained unclear. In a leaflet it says: “The number of possible subsidy cases depends on the available budget. The current number of funding cases still available can be taken from the counter on the application platform.
can be taken.” The program officially runs through July 31, 2022.

Newly installed photovoltaic storage systems must have a usable capacity of at least 3.0 kilowatt hours, as well as have a battery interface for communication and remote control, as well as an intelligent energy management system, according to the guidelines stated. In addition, the storage systems must have time value replacement guarantees for ten years must be available.

For the photovoltaic home storage systems with a capacity of 3 kilowatt hours, a basic grant of 500 euros is granted. For each additional full kilowatt hour of capacity, there is an additional 100 euros. The maximum amount is 3200 euros for a battery storage with 30 kilowatt hours capacity in combination with a kilowatt hours capacity in combination with a new 30 kilowatt photovoltaic system. Because also in this regard, the ministry makes specifications for the granting of the full subsidy: The ratio of the storage capacity to the output of the photovoltaic system must be at least one to one. If the output of the photovoltaic system is smaller than the capacity of the storage system the battery will receive a correspondingly lower subsidy.
200 euros for charging stations Bavaria also wants to promote charging stations in the future. Here, a subsidy of 200 euros is planned. The AC charging capacity must be at least 11 kilowatts for three-phase systems and 3.7 kilowatts for single-phase systems. There are no requirements for DC charging power. However, the charging stations must be integrated into the intelligent energy management system of the
battery storage system, according to the guidelines.
( Source Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy.)
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